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first post: Dinis_1979 wrote: I can only use the analog control of my xbox 360 controller.

Joystick Support?

first post: Catcher40 wrote: Hi I've been using this emulator for a couple of days and just wond...

latest post: zxmak wrote: you can map keyboard numpad or any joystick that is supported by Di...


first post: Adlers wrote: Great project, a few time ago I found it on But t...

latest post: Adlers wrote: I am back here after a long period and very happy with the new func...

Brings back good memories

first post: wvd_vegt wrote: Hi Stumbled across this project yesterday and already had quite a...

latest post: Adlers wrote: **wvd_vegt wrote:** > Hi > > Stumbled across this project yesterda...

refresh rate

first post: lsdtechno wrote: how do You guys think is it possible to make ULA refresh rate equal...

latest post: lsdtechno wrote: need to make some test software Alexander

Very cool!

first post: jakeonthenet wrote: Excellent project!

latest post: zxmak wrote: Thanks :)

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